who we are

Our core values are quality, integrity, sustainability. What does it mean to do business with Texas-Australia Rock? These values drive all our decisions, practices, and relationships.


We take pride in our products. Our goal is the exceed industry standards for block strength and durability, not because we want to charge a premium for it, but because that is the kind of product, we want to use ourselves.


Not only are our products rock solid, but we are too. We are committed to exhibit the highest moral and ethical principles and hold ourselves accountable that standard. We prize honesty and strive to be the most trustworthy and dependable partner our customers have.


We want to be good stewards over the resources that we have been entrusted with. For us this means that the value we deliver today cannot come at the expense of tomorrow. Not only do our products stand the test of time, but so do out practices. Our eye is always on the future and understanding the repercussions of what we do today.